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Will Jordan Reed improve this year?

One of the players to watch out for in the Washington Redskins roster is a Tight end player. He is none other than second year player Jordan Reed and has made Washington Redskins tickets sales soar. He was not able to be healthy enough last year to have a major impact on the team's offense. However, that is going to change this year as he was seen to be healthy in the team's off-season activities. He was actually named to the All America's rookie team despite the fact that he only played 9 games in the season and he just started in 4 of them. This just means that he made a lot of noise during the limited time he was in the field. He is too tall for his position so opposing defenses have a hard time matching up with him. The Washington Redskins have decided to explore mismatches every time they put him in the lineup. With the potential he showed last season, it is pretty obvious he is going to be the starting TE this season. Their coach has got to do the right thing and put him there after he showed flashes of greatness last season.

It is too bad Reed's season was cut short last year with a concussion. The only thing he has got to deal with this year is staying healthy. If he does stay healthy then look for him to make a major impact on the roster. He was actually the first Washington Redskins rookie to catch a TD ever since it was done 11 years ago. A lot of sports experts have already deemed this young guy a future star and the Washington Redskins are lucky to have him. The Washington Redskins are currently counting on him on having a major impact which is why they did nothing major to improve the TE position in the off-season. The only thing they did is draft a couple of players who have the same position as Jordan Reed in the last two rounds of the draft. Some say they did that in case Jordan Reed once again goes down with an injury. Jordan Reed himself vows that he wants to make a major impact to the team but he knows injuries are a part of the game. He wants to stay healthy and he knows the team is counting on that to happen as well. It is only a matter of time before Reed becomes a star.