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Star Players on the Los Angeles Dodgers this season

By seeing their win loss ratios for the three months April, May and June, Los Angeles Dodgers have had a mixed MLB season in 2014. In April, the team posted 15 wins against 2 loses, while in May it had 15 wins and equal number of losses. In June their win to loss ratio stands at 12 to 9. Whatever success they had till date in this season can be attributed to their three major pitchers in the form of Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Josh Beckett and the outfielder Yasiel Puig so come see them today by getting your cheap Dodgers tickets online.

Zack Greinke
As a pitcher, Zack Greinke has had a wonderful season with Dodgers by notching up 9 wins against only 3 losses. As per the figures available based on the matches that have been completed till the third week of June, Greinke leads the pitcher standings with respect to the maximum number of wins (9) along with Hyun-Jin-ru. Greinke also leads the strike outs points table by effecting 97 strikeouts till date.

Josh Beckett
Josh Beckett seems to be having a great season with Los Angeles Dodgers as a pitcher. Josh went home with the National League player of the week for the week May 19th to May 26 2014. Josh also had the distinction of pitching a no-hitter during the game against Phillies in the month of May. He also has the best Earned runs allowed average of 2.23 among the pitchers who had started in at least 5 games. Josh came out from the disabled list and played his first game of the season on the 8th of April 2014 and since then has never looked back. He also has outstanding strike out numbers of 84 which is next only to Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.

Clayton Kershaw
Clayton really rose to the occasion in the month of June 2014 by walking away with the National League player of the week for the period June 16 to June 22. Kershaw has helped Dodgers to win 7 games out of the 9 games in which he had started as a pitcher. He also has effected 86 strike outs till date and is second in the list among the Dodger pitchers. He had an amazing game against the Rockies on June 18 where he pitched a no-hitter and also effected 15 strike outs in that single game. He also has an excellent earned runs allowed average of 2.52, which is the next best to Josh Beckett. Among the Dodger pitchers he has the best record in terms of the win loss ratio of 7 wins to 2 losses.

Yasiel Puig
This Cuban professional baseball outfielder has had an excellent run with Dodgers this season by collecting the National League player of the month for the month of May 2014. Currently he leads the batting averages list by accumulating an average of .317. He also has an amazing home run record of 11 home runs this season which sits in the second position behind Adrian Gonzalez record of 12 home runs this season.