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Our Survey Says!

Our Facebook Survey on the Book of Mormon

Last week, we asked several people on Facebook about their favorite songs from Book of Mormon and asked them why they liked these songs, and we got an amazing response from Book of Mormon fans over the world so get online and get your Book of Mormon discount tickets today!

For those who don’t know what the Book of Mormon is: it’s a religious satire musical with lyrics, book, and music, created by Robert Lopez, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone.

Basically, the Book of Mormon is a story about two young Mormon missionaries, naïve but optimistic, who are sent to a remote village in northern Uganda to take care of a brutal warlord who is threatening the local population.

The two missionaries try to share the scriptures from the book with the locals, but they have trouble explaining to people who are more worried about famine, war, AIDS, and poverty than about religion.

After nearly 7 years of development, the show opened on Broadway in March 2011.

The book received an overwhelmingly positive response from the critics as well as numerous theatre awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, 9 Tony Awards (one was for Best Musical).

Here are few responses from those who listened to the songs of Book of Mormon:

“You can enjoy the soundtrack even without watching the show, however, I would highly suggest that you watch the show because it’s simply great!”

“The music is great with clever and funny lyrics.”

“I usually keep the CDs in the car, listen to a handful of songs I love once in a while, and then, sing them all day.”

Now, here’s the best part!
Here are best songs from Book of Mormon that people find interesting with their comments (name kept anonymous for privacy reasons):

a) Hello : The line when Cunningham says, “Hello, would you like to change religions cause I have a free book written by Jesus.”

b) Hell Dream – Because I simply love it. It’s very catchy.

c) Tomorrow is a Latter Day – Just because everyone loves to sing this song and it’s the most heartfelt and sweetest songs to me.

d) I Believe – Simply because it’s the most epic.

e) Spooky Mormon Hell Dream – This song is rocking and have some awesome lyrics. It’s creepy! The guitar is freaking awesome too!

f) Hello – Love the harmonizing part at the end of the song with the elders. It’s funny too!

g) Turn it off or I am Africa – Awesome wicked harmonies, amazing voices, great humor, and what’s there not to love?

h) Hasa Diga Ebawai – Just because I learned that I won’t cure my AIDS. I was going all wrong about this. Now I learn that I need to bang the frog instead.

i) Two By Two – The highest male vocals gives me an ear-gasm whenever I listen to it. The composition of the vocals is amazing. It’s probably one of the lesser obvious throwbacks to other Broadway shows.

There you have it – a list of the best songs from Books of Mormon.
Tell us about yourself. What’s your favorite? And please do not forget to mention WHY did you like it because people want to read what makes each track so special. Please comment your list and experience listening to the track in the comment box below.