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Nats May Win a Pennant This Year

The Washington Nationals season so far

The Washington Nationals are currently leading in the east division of the national league so finding cheap Washington Nationals tickets will be difficult. The national’s season has been okay with more wins than losses. Recent games have had a great impact on the Washington National season performance; it was eye catching when history was made in a past Washington game against Milwaukee when they played their longest ever game and won. The start of the season did not create an immediate spark, but through the matches the Washington Nationals have shown they are capable and willing to win the upcoming games.

The opening series for the Washington Nationals against the New York Mets was met with a lot of disadvantages with the loss of starting players like Ramos and Zimmerman to injury and illness, but it all went in their favor. The season also began with the introduction of a new manager, Matt Williams, who has been embraced into the team. The first home game was against the Atlanta Braves; though the first two games of the series at home were lost they won the last game. With the precision of the last game they had a complete sweep of the following series against the Florida Marlins. It was a point of achievement at the start of the season with wins in a series of consecutive home games, but a dark cloud loomed with the injury of crucial players.

A visit to Atlanta to face the Atlanta Braves proved a challenge as they lost and more players picked up injuries. The injuries seemed to be crippling the team, but they bounced back with a win when they visited the Miami Marlins. The Washington Nationals then had a consecutive brace of home games against Saint Louis Cardinals, LA Angels of Anaheim and against the San Diego Padres, these games were a series of wins and losses but they did share the spoils with the Cardinals.

The Washington Nationals ended the month of April with a clean take of the short series against the Houston Astros. The Nationals had a fair step in the proceeding games in the months that followed but there were notable games, like the game against the Philadelphia. The game was at home and the Washington Nationals had a complete sweep of the mini-series. The team has had a lot of difficulties with excessive injuries, but as the season continues, the position of the Washington Nationals today and the caliber of their players indicate they have a bright season ahead.