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Cruz and Wieters Making Moves

Analysis of Baltimore Orioles' strengths and weaknesses

The 2013 season was very successful for the Baltimore Orioles and a preview of their performance can clearly show where their greatest strengths lie and also their weaknesses.  Get Baltimore Orioles tickets cheap if you go to the gate and show a student ID.

One of the Orioles' strengths was seen in Chris Davis who was very good with the long balls and this was his success in 2013. He contributed to the power of the team by making an amazing 53 hits last year. Adam Jones is also another key player of the Orioles that contributes to the strengths of the team. He had 33 home runs total last year, which is the highest in his career and on top of this, he has a track record of improvement over the past three years. In the games that Orioles have played so far, Nelson Cruz has also proven to be a key contributor to the team's strengths.

The Orioles' formidable defense comprises one of the strengths of the team. The three Gold Grooves that they took home last year can be attributed to this strong defense that they displayed. The outstanding defenders of the Orioles are Wieters, Hardy and Jones. Flaherty, who replaced Brian Roberts is also an outstanding defender at second base. The catcher, shortstop center field and the second base are therefore intact.

The 2013 season exposed the Orioles' weakness when it comes to runners on base in home runs. The team's On-base percentage was .313, ranking tenth out of fifteen league teams. Machado, Hardy, Wieters and Jones performed poorly last year with Wieters recording .287 OBP. The second weakness clearly seen last season was in the bullpen. The Orioles lack a formidable closer as Jim Johnson performed very poorly and frustrated the team. His replacement, Hunter, has a history of poor performance in the left handed hitters. The Orioles relievers have problems with splits and this is a very huge weakness for the team.

Strategies to win upcoming games
The upcoming games for this team are challenging but the team can win with proper strategies. In the middle of the field, Cruz, David and Jones should utilize their power and strength. The defense should work on replicating as few errors as possible just as they did last season. With the catcher intact for the team, it is guaranteed that the defense will be formidable and they will win the upcoming games. The team should also improve on their On-base percentage to ensure that future games are won. Their runners should work on this and improve their ranking.